World Class Diagnostic Services Right Where You Need Them ACCUREX state-of-the-art lab that bring the latest diagnostic technology Accurex is present in Anna nagar, Madurai and continuing to expand. At Accurex Lab, we understand that high quality, speedy diagnosis is the first step to successful treatment.

Innovations and new techniques are opening up new vistas in diagnostics, making it possible to know more than ever before about your patient's health, with greater precision. Our aim is to put these emerging technologies at your service, and to empow er you with the information you need.


Our Vision

To adhere to advanced and effective testing protocols to ensure precise test reports at the quickest possible time.

Our Mission

Accurate reports at the appropriate time

Why Accurex Diagnostics ?

The Right Diagnosis At The Right Time:

Accurex diagnostics sets new benchmarks for turnaround times (TAT) You get quick results to ensure that you can take timely and effective decisions. The speed is accompanied by the guarantee of accuracy, with best practices that match global standards, a very high degree of automation and minimal manual intervention, we give you results with the least possibility of error.

Zero-Error Results Through Superior Quality Control

We constantly strive to achieve zero error results, with strict quality control procedures for everything test requests to report delivery. Our lab instruments are carefully calibrated and regularly monitored. And our dedicated team of lab professionals double-checks every stage of testing.

An Efficient Addition To Your Support Staff

Gur services are designed to make life easier for you. We function like super efficient member of your team so you can rely on us to help streamline your workflow, with conveniences like test reports that are delivered direct to your desk well in time.

Extra Comfort For Your Patients

You can be sure that your patients are well taken care of at Accurex labs We do everything we can to take the stress out of checkups and tests. We keep waiting times short and ensure that every visit to our labs is pleasant.